The Liberal Media is Losing it's Voice, Purpose & the next Election / by William Lewis

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself becoming increasingly irritated by the tone, quality and (lack of) intelligence coming from the liberal media. This irritation began with the cheap, snarky posts shared on social media which offer no content beyond a cheap shot. Isn’t this behavior what so upset us democrats when Obama was President?

I now see the mainstream liberal media going a similar way, offering nothing more than cheap shots, crass uninformed coverage, doing nothing to advance the debate or help position the Democrats for success in the 2018 midterms or 2020 presidential election. All is does is devalue the “resistance”.

I finally snapped last night watching Don Lemon interview Paris Dennard at the end of his show, CNN tonight. Click here to see the segment that so angered me. I am the last person to agree with any of Dennard’s arguments or ideologies, but I do respect him as a person, he deserves that same respect in the political arena. He was invited on CNN to express an opinion which we should not be surprised was not aligned with Lemon’s or the rest of the panel, but should be respected and listened too.

Don Lemon at the end of the segment did not respect or listen to Dennard’s opinion. He combatively shut him down and ended the show. Lemon’s behavior in this instance, and in other recent incidences is no better than the worst of what we see on Fox news, which Lemon and CNN often take such glee in disparaging.

The liberal movement is rapidly losing it’s voice, if it loses quality, intelligent coverage in the mainstream media we will again sleep walk to losses in 2018 and 2020. The Dem’s slept walked to the 2016 loss to Trump….we’re doing the same again.

Not very long ago, Dem’s were very proud of the mantra, “When they go low, we go high”. How short lived that was…our behavior is now no better than the worst of what we see in right wing media. The difference is the right leaning media is much better at helping convert their coverage to actual votes in a way the liberal media and democrats can ever currently hope to be.

We losing our voice and sleep walking to more catastrophic losses…we will only have ourselves to blame. Come on Democrats….wake up!

Obama has gone, lets move on and rebuild for the future before it becomes too late, to do that we need credible, respectable media that can be taken seriously.