A Coffee & Literary Icon - Stumptown Coffee; Greenwich Village / by William Lewis

In the 1950s, Greenwich Village was the epicenter of the “Beat Generation,” the literary movement led by novelists Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, and poet Allen Ginsberg. The Beats debated and created in Greenwich Village’s coffee houses and bookshops, including the iconic Eighth Street Bookshop where Allen Ginsberg first met Bob Dylan. That space is today home to Stumptown Coffee.

Coffee aficionados head straight for the intimate Brew Bar, offset from the main room, to experience coffee brewed using diverse methods including Chemex, Bee House, Hario V60, Kalita Wave and Vacuum Pot. The main bar serves Stumptown’s expansive range of coffee, including their legendary cold brews and the smooth, creamy “Nitro”, served on-tap, draught style.

Just like the 1950’s, Greenwich Village locals fill the main room, reading, writing, and engaging in hushed conversation. The room’s design pays homage to the Eighth Street Bookshop with packed shelves of books. Wood benches crafted from restored church pews line exposed brick walls; the imposing white oak main bar contrasts with wood herringbone floors; all is set beneath eclectic light fittings. During warm weather the outdoor terrace is perfect for watching Greenwich Village life pass by.

To experience Greenwich Village’s creative, bohemian soul authentically, a visit to Stumptown is essential!